Friday, May 09, 2008

Cedar Keys Mess-About

We had a great time at the Cedar Keys small boat mess-about last weekend. It was a bit of a long trip for such a short weekend, but well worth it. There were about 50+ sailboats, all shapes and sizes, and quite a few home built boats like ours. Everyone got in some great sailing for most of the day Saturday with a nice ocean breeze allowing us to sail all around the keys in the area. Sunday was more of the same. There are some great pictures here.

I had my first ride in the 'Dawn Patrol' and even took the helm for awhile. Paul's quite good at it, while I've got a long way to go. I'm far from being a convert, and truth be told find it a bit stressful, but I'm determined to work on it, and have started looking for some sailing lessons at the coast.

Meanwhile Alan is out of school for the summer and is currently in Key Largo getting ready for Team Velocity's race in this years Tybee 500 (Key Largo FL to Tybee GA). We'll probably go down to Tybee next week to see the boats finish the last leg of the race. It's pretty exciting racing with the Nacra I20 performance catamarans. We'll be following the race on the race website, Team Velocity's website and the Cat Sailor Forum.

Photo above is of Alan and Trey during last years Tybee500. And then there is this exciting video of last years racers battling their way through the surf (Team Velocity are the 2nd and 3rd boat attempts on the video).

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Michael said...

It looks like fun was had by all! A great meeting of sailing folks and builders. I'm so jealous...