Saturday, June 05, 2010

A Friend's Passing

Tana with our beloved cat Calico in the year 2000.

Our beautiful cat Calico joined our previous family pets, Maggie and Springer (both English Springer Spaniels), and our first cat Higgins, along with a few other various turtles, parakets, frogs, gerbels, snakes, etc... in pet heaven today.

Calico was 19 years old, about 93 in cat-years. Cats typically live 15-18 years, so we have been very lucky to have her this long. She lived a very happy and long family life.

This past year she has not been that well with a thyroid condition (hyperthyroidism common in older cats). And this past week we noticed she'd taken a turn for the worst. This morning the vet said told us “She really wants to go to kitty heaven now”. Snuggled in a soft warm towel blanket, Calico was given an anesthesia overdose. She peacefully went to sleep and took her last breaths while being petted and thanked her for being such a wonderful cat all these many years.

We buried her in our front yard, near Maggie, in a spot I can imagine her sitting and watching the squirrels or waiting for a mouse.

She was very a beautiful, and loving pet, and we will miss her purring and kneading and lying on my stomach whenever I napped on the couch.

Calico is survived by her buddies, Amber and Winston (Golden Retriver and English Springer Spanies), Mr. Bird (pet parakeet) and 5 fish.

We'll all miss you terribly Calico.


Anonymous said...

My condolences........

paddlingOTAKU said...

sorry for your loss, when my aging dog passes I am going to be a wreck.