Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Without a Paddle

While thoroughly enjoying everything about our sailing trip, paddling was always never too far from my mind.  Much of our route I'd previously paddled and there were some great memories.  Down time was spent reading the new book ‘Without a Paddle’ by Warren Richey.  Without a doubt, this is now my new favorite book, and not just because I am mentioned in it a few times :)

Richey, known as Sharckchow among the WaterTribe, was the winner of the 2006 Ultimate Florida Challenge, a 1200 mile circumnavigation kayak and small boat race around Florida (a race I also participated in). The book is a great adventure story, detailing a remarkable physical and emotional journey, and it’s a love story. You’ve just got to read it.

Some of the comments regards the book and posted on the WaterTribe Discussion Forum:

“This might be the best report of a paddling adventure ever. Sharkchow has captured perfectly the ongoing struggle between the illusion of fear in our minds and the reality of our human quest to overcome it. Thanks Warren for opening up the most personal aspects of your life to us! Your story has added a new level to this life changing adventure we simply call a "Challenge". ”  MaitouCruiser
“Sharkchow captured the essence of a WaterTribe challenge and the essence of life. The really nice thing about Without a Paddle is the title. You don't need to be paddler or sailor to really enjoy this book.” Chief
“There are many things that go on inside the cockpit during a 1200 mile race, some are race issues (camping, eating, etc) but many are not. The book touches on all the issues- including the myriad of emotions and sometimes truly odd thoughts that go through one’s mind. “  SnoreBringGator
“It made me laugh and it brought tears to my eyes. I think all of the Watertribe events change our lives in some way.”  Nitenavigator
When you've finished with the book (it's really quite a page turner) there are also some great short stories and trip reports of other WaterTribe Challenges, published on the WaterTribe Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

I'd seen this book coming out but had forgotten it until one of your posts showing books you were taking on your trip. I then picked it up. It REALLY is good; humor and the writing. Glad your trip was such a success.