Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Blog Updates

I’ve put in a few new blog updates to accommodate our trip that will help us occasionally report to family and friends. On the sidebar to the right I’ve added “mobile updates”, these will be short status reports made from my cell phone through twitter.

Also created a drop box photo album in Picasa which will keep a slide show running (below the mobile updates) from photos taken via cell. I’m lucky enough to have a new Android Incredible phone. I’m still trying to figure it out, they don’t make smart phones for dummies :(  It takes great pictures, but it’s not waterproof, and I’ll have to use it sparingly to save on battery life.

We’ll have our SPOT tracking going.  I’ll post the link and any other last minute information on Thursday.

Still a few things to finish up. We’ve got the house sitter all lined up. Ken’s coming over Wed night to help mount his motor he’s lending us. And I’m holding off till last minute buying any perishables.


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