Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Camping

As is often the case during the off season, our expected group of 22 dwindled down quickly as the weekend approached. Only Gumby and I were there to camp at the lake Fri night with temps down around 34F. By Sat we were a group of 11 who where there to play (though only 7 stayed and camped). The sun came out strong and we had a beautiful warm afternoon with highs in the 70s.

With the right tent and sleeping bag, camping in fall and even winter can really be a delight. We had the most spectacular full moon at night, and nothing beats sitting around a bonfire in your comfy fleece.

If you’ve got the cold water paddling gear and get out on the water, you often own the coves and creeks and often much of the lake. It’s absolutely my favorite time to paddle.

This weekend was about Greenland. Joe and I opted to spend the warmth of Sat afternoon working on rolls, while most of the other’s had come to paddle, some with new Lumpy’s.  I’ve got a good on-side and off-side standard lay-back roll. But I am out of practice for anything else. Gone are the days I had an easy hand roll, and I’ve never had a forward facing roll. Joe helped me work on my butterfly roll, on and off-side. Not quite but almost.

Saturday night was just fun, a potluck dinner, visiting, planning, dreaming, staying warm by the fire. Sunday I opted to leave a bit early and take care of chores at home. I’d gotten what I’d come for, R&R, and a reality check. Wish I’d remembered the camera.

Pool rolling has started back up every Wed nights at the local community pool. I just added it to my calendar.

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