Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Ready with New Kayak Sail

Alan came home yesterday afternoon and he helped me get my new Flat Earth Kayak Sail mounted on my Explorer.  We'll experiment with the mounting before we drill holes in the Diva and get it mounted on her.  There's great instructions to be found on the Flat Earth website, as well as the blog Sea Kayaking with, and on the Gnarly Dog News blog, but,as always, there are different ways to do it.  We tried to make use of existing hardware on the kayak, but nothing seemed to help us much with that (good thing I don't mind drilling holes in my Explorer).

Anyway, I'll take it out this weekend and play with it and see if we need to make further adjustments, then report on the decisions we made, good and bad :)  I've got a nice 3-day weekend trip coming up in a couple weeks and look forward to using the sail.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. It looks like you are using three stays instead of four like me. At first I considered the two stays at 90 degrees and on at the back but now I have two angled back instead.

I'm using mini carabiners to attach the back stays to the deck so I can easily remove that stays and the mast. I've decided to go with 1/8 inch line for the fore-stay because I will not have to handle it too much so small line probably won't wear my hands too much. The line for the sheet looks very small but I'll leave it cleated most of the time and hope to save my skin. We'll see how it works. I cannot wait to see what yours looks like sailing.