Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Switching Gears

It’s looking like we’re going to have another beautiful weekend in North Carolina, but certainly a Fall weekend with some cooler comfortable temperatures. We are looking forward to a little sailing vacation.  Just a short weekend sail, but it’ll let us switch gears and have some great R&R on the water.

We’ll be joining our friend Steve who will be out in his home-built boat Spartina; he’s starts his weekends on Wednesday (how does he do that). It was in June that we enjoyed a week of sailing with Steve and Bruce; on the Tag Team 200 trip in each of our sailboats.  Steve keeps a popular sailing blog ‘Log of Spartina’ and has great trip reports and photos from our previous trip (and many others he’s done).

We’ll be starting in Hobucken on Goose Creek Island, I just love that area. We’ll put in at Pate’s Boat Yard , where I hope to get in a quick visit with Shawn (owner) and many of the other locals I’ve met this past year before we try and find Steve. He’ll have his Spot tracking on, we will too.

Our friend Ken, who had lent us his 2.5 hp Honda motor for the Tag Team 200 trip has announced his plans for an upcoming wedding and move to Australia. I’m so excited for him and for us as we will now take ownership of that little motor. I really love the sailing, but the added flexibility having the little motor on board offers, really helps make it fun and less stressful for me. Our rule is no motor unless sailing less than 2 mph.

Steve as always is so totally organized for his trips; he’s been posting about his planning, charting, etc… since he returned from his last trip only a few weeks ago. It’s really worth studying his blog if you’re a trailer or weekend sailor, he’s got it all down to a science. Paul and I have just been so busy these days we’re just going to go with the flow (got the house/pet sitter, but not much else planned yet), excited just to have the opportunity to get out there sailing.


Ken said...

Uh oh... You're setting yourself up for debate with that rule. Is that 2mph through the water or over the bottom... Or is it VMG? Nautical miles or statute miles? ;)
I hope you have as much fun with the motor as I have.

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

woo hoo dawn and paul - enjoy!!