Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sailing/Party Weekend

Could be our last real sailing weekend this year in the Dawn Patrol . It’s the B&B Messabout where we’ll all visit, sail, talk story, party, and camp with the designer (Graham Bynes) and other B&B Yachts builders and their home built sailboats.

Pictures taken by Steve during our Tag Team 200 sailing trip this past June

I’m be bringing the Grand Diva kayak we just finished building, (also a B&B design), and I’ll bring the Explorer with the new Flat Earth Kayak Sail so I can play with it, and figure out the best way to mount it on the Diva.  

It might get too cold for sailboat sailing, but I’ll be kayak sailing through the winter :)

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Steve said...

It looks like Dawn Patrol had a great year on the water (and I was glad to be able to be around for some of it!). I'll take credit for the bottom photo but I think Bruce shot the other two.
Have fun this weekend.