Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kayak Currituck: know when to say "when"

Report from SandyBottom in a call home at 9:30am Sunday:  

We have been turned back by high headwinds and rough conditions.  Now safely back onshore at Corolla and looking to rent a car.  We did consider various paddling routes and options.

SPOT track Sunday 7am to 9am:  out and back
We started early (7am) in hopes of avoiding strong headwinds, but we were only making 0.4 - 1.4 mph. The cold temperatures are a safety factor in these rough conditions;  it is not a warm summer day.
Wind forecast for 11:00am Sunday:  23-25 mph headwind (
My furled sail stowed flat on the deck was catching wind and making my kayak uncontrollable until I very tigthly wrapped the halyard around the entire length of the sail and mast.   

One of Lee's rudder pedals broke.

We can rent an off-season jeep to retrieve our cars.

--Reported by DWSB

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James said...

Looks like a wild trip. Having had experience with both the Flat Earth and Pacific Action sails, which do you think you'd like better if you were putting them on the SeaWind?