Monday, November 01, 2010

Great Weekend of Fun

The B&B Yachts Mess-about this past weekend down in Bayboro NC was great fun. At least 15 different boats, even a few B&B motorboats were there. It’s great visiting with folks you don’t see very often, yet share an interest with.   We had wonderful fall weather, great wind, and lots of sailing all weekend.

I really enjoyed visiting with Joe and Sally, who I’d meet 2 years ago at a Balogh Sails Angels weekend and then again at that years B&B mess-about the very next weekend. They had home made wooden kayaks with Balogh Rigs on them, and they were planning to build a B&B sailboat. These days Joe is busy building an Everglades Challenge 22 (EC22), he keeps a nice blog of its progress called SunDogBoatBulding.  With a still unfinished sailboat, they were there this year with their sailing canoe, rigged for 1 or 2 Balogh sails.

This is Sally, Joe, and I sailing on the Dawn Patrol in 2008.

But for me this weekend was really about taking the Grand Diva to show Graham (the designer) and the opportunity to practice sailing with my Flat Earth Kayak Sail on the Explorer. There is quite a bit to report, I’ll have to write  separate postings over the next few days.  I’ll let Paul post our Mess-about pictures and report on the ‘Dawn Patrol’ blog when he has time.

In the meantime, here I am, happy as can be.

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