Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Essentials Class

This past Saturday, I taught a kayaking class for my club, The Carolina Kayak Club.  We followed the ACA Coastal Level 2 Essentials in Kayak Touring agenda.  Focusing on all the basics, forward and reverse strokes, turns and maneuvers, variations of both solo and assisted rescues, and  discussions on equipment, safety, and basic navigation.  It was a full and long day.

The diversity of kayaks in our class was very interesting, and not unlike the overall club make-up which includes a wide variety of recreational style kayaks, from inflatable to sit-on-top and everything in between, and with a few sea kayaks thrown in.  There are some interesting challenges to make everything work for everyone in these mixed classes, but not only does the individual paddler work on their skills and learn about their own kayaks performance, students in the class are able to lean about the handling of the other styles of kayaks.  This an important benefit of the class since our club is fairly active and inclusive in most of its (non seakayak) day and weekend trips regards the variety of kayaks.

A few pictures of the class participants below, including a visit during the class by the club President and Frank and a regular club organiser Rich.

There has been a long standing continuous thread on our clubs forum about campers.  Many of the clubs weekend paddling trips involve car camping, and many have coveted the idea of having a camper.  There have been some very intriguing pictures of campers offered, from the very basic to the luxurious.   I'm not sure where the kayak rack goes on this one.


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James said...

Great news. I learned about the Kruger from you, and in researching it, talked with one of the Team Kruger who suggested I also look at the Superior Expedition built by Scott Smith at Sawyer Canoes. Great boat, and he was very accommodating in setting the boat up just as I wanted. Placed an order and should have it by the end of the year. Thanks for the lead.