Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Book - Black Feathers

I am anxiously waiting on the mail, I’ve ordered a new book. I’d just finished reading a short article and review of the book ‘Black Feathers’ by Robert and Jeanne Crawford, in the newest issue of “Small Craft Advisor” (my now favorite magazine even over SeaKayaker Magazine). I couldn’t order it fast enough.

According to the review, the book chronicles the completion of a dream Robert had of competing in the Singlehanded TransPac race, 2200 miles from San Francisco to Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, in a twenty foot sloop. Robert tells his story about the race and training. Jeanne tells her story as supporter, and cheerleader (and much more I suspect).

I’m especially interested in the fact that the review describes a third part of the book, a “how to” manual of tips on preparation and planning. I’m always hungry for the nitty gritty details of these endurance and challenging events. I also like that the reviewer describes the book as having a little suspense and romance. It was that similar element that had me loving the book “Without a Paddle” by Warren Richey (of course it didn't hurt that I was mentioned in it too).

When our kids were young, our daughter, not unlike me, was a voracious reader. She even took to writing her own short stories and poetry.  In order to get our son to read, and to love to read, we’d have to search out “how to” books that we thought would interest him.  His world seemed to have no room for novels as he was growing up.

I was pleased to see him mention a book on his blog that he read during his sailing adventure to Australia, “Blue Lattitudes,"by Tony Horwitz, an entertaining, informative look at the life and travels of Capt. James Cook. This was actually one of a number of books Steve Earley of “The Log of Spartina” blog fame sent us to offer Alan for his trip. Alan has told us how he enjoyed his down time reading. This particular book Alan said was interesting as he could follow along in the book as he sailed, stopping in many of the same islands (Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, and now Australia) and places where Cook made landfall for the first time. Possibly still in that same vein as a “how to”, but a book never the less :)  I think he'll like this new book too.

Since this is a sailing post, I’ll include this neat YouTube video of a dingy cruise I saw posted on the Small Craft Advisor Blog. It really makes me want to get another trip planned, I had so much fun on our Tag Team 200 trip this past June (trip reports are archived on right sided sidebar of Spartina blog).

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Michael said...

Just finished listening to Blue Latitudes driving home from my recent trip to Nova Scotia. What a remarkable man Cook was!