Friday, August 13, 2010

Unfinished Business

I’ve some unfinished paddling business that I plan to get done this weekend; circumnavigating Goose Creek Island.

Early this past April, I’d attempted a day paddle circumnavigating Goose Creek Island, about 30 miles. But a little less than ½ way into the paddle I started feeling sick and decided to abort it (lesson learned: don’t party before a big paddle). That was the first day of a fun weekend with another group of folks (mostly from the Lumber River Canoe Club), where we were hosted by Pate’s Boat Yard in Hobucken, NC.

Trip reports on my aborted paddle, and the rest of that fun weekend weekend can be found on this blog (links below). The first link also includes a nice history of Hobucken NC and of Pate’s Boat Yard:
Goose Creek Island, NC - Friendly Pate Boatyard
Goose Creek Island Paddle N Party – Part 1
Goose Creek Island Paddle N Party – Part 2

This coming weekend I’ll be back that way visiting Pate’s Boatyard and Hobucken again, though not exactly the same routing and plans this time. I’ll be spending a 3-day paddling weekend with with Kristen (KiwiBird) and David. We'll camp at Pate's on Friday night, then paddle from Hobucken around Goose Creek Island, across the Pamlico River along the ICW and up to the north shore of the Pungo River where the small town of Belhaven is located in NC Inner Banks Region.  We're hoping to find a nice meal in Belhaven before returning back making sure we get in the full circumnavigation of the Island during the trip.

As usual, I’ll have my SPOT tracking on.

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