Monday, August 09, 2010

The Tourists

My son Alan has been sailing with the EYE of the World since November when they sailed out of Virginia. Last week, he and another EYE crew member Will, finished their part of the EYE in Australia. With 2 ½ weeks to travel on land from Cairns to Sydney, their journey continues.

Alan has resurrected his Sailnaway Blog and has been posting some fun stories about their travels in a teeny tiny $700 car, visiting as many sights as possible as they make their way down the Western Coast of Australia (a distance equivalent of traveling from Maine to Florida).  I"ve been spending my morning reading all his stories.

I got home last night from the 'Vacation to Hell' weekend kayaking trip I'd organized for my club.  In some ways I had not misrepresented the trip, it was not necessarily easy for all.  But a great group made for lots of laughter and fun.  About 52 miles (29 + 23 mi. days), the heat was a problem for two in our party, requiring stops to swim and cool, which actually added both fun and safety.   Unbelievably we were almost bug free, this is unheard of in August where we were camping each night.  And the weather was fairly benign.  Unfortunately my camera died early on day 1, so I'll post shots that other's volunteer in a few days. 

This this was the longest distance paddled for some in our group, and was great LSD training for other's planning the WaterTribe NCC next month.  For me, it was proof that I still had a good base for the NCC, as I hadn't been on the water much since my big May trip.  A bit more time on the water and I'll be good to go late September.  So next weekend sounds good :)

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