Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keeping it Casual

This posting is intended for the women paddlers.  My own personal visit to hell last weekend was different than what I’d advertised on our weekend’s "Vacation to Hell" trip.  I'd made a big mistake during the trip, and paid a painful price.

I wouldn't describe myself as immodest, but certainly very casual.  I had decided to be a bit more respectful of other people by wearing a bra on this kayak camping trip. I don’t usually, but I’m almost 60, and most women my age really do need a bit of containment. I didn’t think it would be that big a deal to just wear the darn thing. This turned out to be a very big and very painful mistake, one I’ll not make again.  The resulting chafing was miserable.

I realized my mistake a few hours into Saturday’s paddle. Off went the offending article of clothing, but by that time, and with the short sleeved looser shirt I was wearing, the damage had been done and would only continue. Nothing short of removing my PFD (couldn’t do it) was going to help me, and no amount of hydropel helped either.  Once the chafing started it just continued through the day, our longest at 29 miles.  Thank goodness I had my PAS sail and we had some light winds so I could occasionally take a break from the constant rotation and stroking.

I was a bit worried about Sunday's paddle while lying in my tent, arms stretched out with oozing and weeping wounds.  Luckily I had brought along one of my long sleeved lighter thermal shirts that I usually wear during an Everglades Challenge, though had thought it would be too warm during the day.  I wore this Sunday, it kept skin from touching skin.  I don't think I complained too much, we all had our own demons to fight with distance and heat, but every stroke was pretty painful, and it somehow feels good to complain about it now.

I'll be out again this coming weekend as KiwiBird and I are planning a 3-day paddling trip. I expect to be well healed by then, but I'll certainly go back to “casual” mode and with my old paddle shirts that I know work well for me.  And... I guess I should try and get serious again about that damn extra 20 pounds.

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2 Krazy Kayakers said...

Ouch! Not on the water! Besides who would ever know with a pfd on?
Maybe when back on land at camp or something.