Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gear and Packing

On the road in 5 days, today was all about gear and packing for next week’s adventure; actually it was more about finding gear. While we are in Florida, painters will be coming in to paint our house, part of getting ready to put it on the market. It’ll be a bit inconvenient for our house sitters, but, it also means the garage has become a place for storage. What a mess! It took two week to find my tent, and I still hadn’t found all my dry bags. A quick trip to Great Outdoor Provision tomorrow will fix that :)

This afternoon, with such wonderful spring weather, I aired out both my hammock (my preferred sleep during an EC), and my tent. Each is so light that I don’t mind taking them both for the convenience; together weight less than 5 lbs.

Another additional 3 lbs I haven’t quite decided on is whether to take my little wheels. Twice last year I did some paddling trips that involved a ferry ride, and each time I’d wished I’d had a small kayak cart to help load and unload on to the ferry. So I bought one, it only weighs 2lbs 13oz, and fits into my small 10" hatches.

I’d normally not even consider this for an EC, but the rules have tightened somewhat in the WaterTribe which is really all about self-sufficiency. But more importantly, rumors are that it’s likely Everglades National Park may be closed in a week, the result of Federal budget cuts. This will have Flamingo the 3rd checkpoint in the challenge deserted. Unless I’m with other paddlers, there will be no one around to help me move my boat from the fresh water side to the salt water side, about ¼ mile portage. Is it worth 2 lbs 13 oz? At that point in the race, I’ll not be in condition to even consider carrying my kayak, an expedition weight NDK Explorer.

I’ll have to see what I can pare down. Its food and water (and my kayak) that really weighs the most, and I usually have a bit left over. Approaching the challenge as a cruiser, just trying to finish the event, I pack more for comfort than the racers anyway.

And of course I worked on my tooth necklace this evening as well, adding last year’s earned shark and alligator tooth to my collection.


Michael said...

I thought you were hoping to paddle your new wooden boat this year. Changed you mind or some other issue...?

SandyBottom said...

I visited Graham the designer last November, and he agreed that it ended up just too high volume for me. He's going to work on a lower volume model. In the meantime I'll either sell it, or Paul will adopt it, as it fits him well :)

Jesse and Carolyn said...

Take the wheels!!!!!! -Jesse

SnoresLikeBuffalo said...

Lucky Paul! but he's earned it.

SnoresLikeBuffalo said...
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