Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Best

One of the best kayaking blogs and websites around belongs to Marek Uliasz, Mountain Wayfarer. It is informative and entertaining. A day rarely goes by when I don't check his fit2padl blog or his Wafarer blog. He updates his blogs fairly regularly. His photos and videos are top quality. He was the inspiration for my creating a blog as I prepare for the Ultimate Challenge, though I don't pretend for a minute that mine is in the same class.

Marek is a paddler, racer, and excellent photographer (a scientist, he also has a real job). As a WaterTribe alum, Marek has completed an Everglades Challenge, and will attempt the Ultimate Challenge this year, I expect we'll see lots of photos and video of this in the future. His website contains an excellent video he put together on the 2004 Watertribe Everglades Challenge. The pictures and music provides a real feel for the experience of a challenge. There are also many other stories and photo albums related to paddling and racing.

His newest entry on his Wayfarer Blog discusses this photo. Oh great, another thing for me to worry about!

Mark Wayfarer's Web address on your favorites list, it's well worth it.

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