Monday, March 12, 2012

High-Walled Concrete Canyons

SandyBottom paddling toward the Palmetto Park Bridge in Boca Raton: 
"Favorable current here" (photo by SOS at 10:38 am)

SPOT track under the Palmetto Park Bridge (red dot)

Sandybottom reported this morning "We are getting our asses kicked.  The wind blasts funnel down the concrete canyon in our face.  Still have big onshore winds and surf, no inlet Alan comfortable to go out in. We are trying to make forward progress so that we will be positioned to go out an inlet when conditions allow. Mosquito paddles, but has too much windage for good steering and boat control. We are working too hard for too little."

The kayakers are likely to be having an easier time.  Up ahead of Team B&B are ArdieO and Mosquito Magnet.  But Ardieo pulled out of the adventure/race yesterday.  (Ardie, Best wishes from Team B&B and I hope we see you and SherryO at the North Carolina Challenge in September!)   I'm hoping Mosquito Magnet pulls the Mosquito forward.

Meanwhile,  paddlers coming up from behind (Whale, RiverSlayer, SaltyFrog)  are likely to catch up with Team B&B if the Mosquito remains confined to the concrete canyons of the ICW.   Pelican is way back in Florida Bay with a 7 mile approach to Key Largo.  Pelican is paddle-sailing a Hobbie Adventure Island trimaran.

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