Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loading a Kruger Cruiser

How do you load a Kruger Crusier?    

It's simple.  Start with an empty Kruger Cruiser tied to a bouncy floating dock at a a very busy boat ramp.

Looks comfortable, eh.
Bring lots of gear to the floating dock.
Then bring even more gear.
Start moving stuff from dock to boat and add ribs of the spray cover.
Continue to add stuff.  Start installing spray cover.
Figure out where everything goes.
Make sure each bag or item is attached to the boat with a string and beaner.
Make sure you're not forgetting anything.
Stretch sprayskirt.
Install mast and 1 meter sail.
Step back and take a good look at how it's going.
What about FOOD?   Two Subway sandwiches strapped to the mast should be enough for this fast boat.  (It works for SewSew!)

Finally, bring in some expert boat handlers to help hold the boat away from the dock with their feet.   DragonSlayer's boys are the best.  Dock masters, they are. 

Back at home DragonSlayer uses them as C-clamps when boat building.

Looking good. 

If you're lucky, DragonSlayer micht check the tide tables on his phone.  He lives across the river in St Marys, Georgia.

Wow. Check that expert boat handling.

Plan for a crew of two.  Do not load DragonSlayer's daughter.
 You're lucky.  DragonSlayer's entire family is here!

That's DragonSlayer and daughter on the right,  next to SmokinJoe with bow line,  and Chris at the hellm.  They're WaterTribers crusing over from St Marys to offer moral support for this boat loading ordeal. 

Finally,  raise sail and add exactly two (2) willing paddlers with proper safety gear. 

SandyBottom and SOS will do.  

Good to go!

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