Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sanibel Bridge

Steve Earley has posted an update on the progress of Team B&B.  

Summary of Days

Friday March 2
Team B&B continued work on the "Mosquito" at the campground

Saturday March 3
EC and UFC began at 7:00 am.   Team B&B continued work on the "Mosquito"

Sunday March 4
Gale force winds kept the challengers holed up.    Team B&B continued work on the "Mosquito"

Monday March 5
The "Mosquito" launched at 10am.  "Mosquito" reached CP1 and rested for 5 hours

Tuesday March 6
Team B&B battled high winds in Pine Island Sound and around Sanibel Island.  At 6:00pm rested at low tide for 7 hours in the lee of a spoil island near Picnic Island.

Wednesday March 7
With high tide, Team B&B sailed toward the 70' high section "A" of the Sanibel Bridge causeway.


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