Saturday, March 10, 2012

Intracoastal Miami

Intracoastal Miami:  Dinner Break (mobile phone photo by SOS)

SandyBottom and SOS reached the first bridge in Miami (Rickenbacher Causeway) at about 4:00 pm.  The NOAA charts indicate this bridge has 76' of clearance. 

SPOT Trackingat 4:00pm

NOAA Chart

A few thunderstorms ranged across Florida at 4:00pm.
Intellicast Radar
SOS and SB called home and reported heavy powerboat traffic along their route:  it's the weekend with many fishermen, and it's spring break so there are many recreational boats.  The traffic created long waits at bridge openings.  Winds were mild today and should be stronger tomorrow.

By 7:00pm  Team B&B had passed under/through 8 bridges and covered about 63 miles (55nm) since leaving Key Largo at 7:30am.   63miles in 11.5hours is about 5.5miles per hour.   At 7:00pm they anchored on a small island aside the ICW with the intent of resting during the light winds and sailing again when the winds strenghten in the early morning.  SOS and SB said they found the light winds, heavy traffic, and frequent bridges frustrating.  They are still in racing mode and trying to make fast progress.

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