Friday, March 09, 2012

Key Largo R & R

Team B&B Yacht Designs is taking a day or two for rest and repair in Key Largo.   SOS sent the following two cellphone photos...
Mosquito at rest in the clear waters of Key Largo at the EC finish line

Rudder downhaul line was chafed but not broken.   Has now been replaced.

Working on a Tiller Improvement
That's SOS modifying the tiller extention universal and replacing the chafed downhaul rudder line in the WaterTribe's guest room at the Bay Cove Motel. SandyBottom said "It was too hot outside, and we needed electricity for the borrowed drill."

Drysuit repair happening here:  bottle served as a mandrel to help press parts together

SOS decided to repair his drysuit and also take along ScareMan's drysuit stored away in a drybag for emergency use, if needed.   SOS appreciated expert repair advice from Jonathan Redfern.

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