Thursday, March 22, 2012

Suwannee River: Wilderness Trail

Near the border of Suwannee River State Park,  SandyBottom reported that "We've paddled 63 miles today including the Big Shoal portage."
"We didn't see any alligators on the St Marys,  but here on the Suwannee we've been seeing lots of them everywhere.  Hard to take a good photo, though, because they are so fast.   And in the same places as the gators,  we see swinging ropes hung for the kids to use to swing out over the water,  so the people here must be swimming with the gators."

SOS and SandyBottom reported that by the end of the day they had found a comfortable maintainable paddling pace.  They said this pace, when combined with the downstream current,  allowed them to move forward at 5 kts.

In the early parts of the day, they had their ups and downs.  The 40 mile portage and sleep deprivation took a lot out of them.  They stopped for a nap at 2:00pm.    And in the heat of the day they nodded off while paddling occasionally.   They also took some turns sleeping on the sole of the moving boat.

SOS taking a nap at 2:00 pm on Wednesday March 21, 2012

Suwannee River Wilderness Trail:  
State Parks,  Put-ins (Hubs),  and River Camps (screened-in sleeping plateforms)

Near the border of Suwannee River State Park,  SandyBottom sent this text message at 8:49pm Wednesday March 21:

"Pouring pouring pouring rain.  We are soaked, but now in tent and camped for night.  Did I mention pouring?  We paddled 63 miles today including Big Shoal portage and 1.5 hr nap this afternoon.  We are now eating dinner will sleep and hope rain gone by 3-4 am, to get back on the water.    We are hoping to be in Cedar Key Saturday.  We'll know more when we see how we do tomorrow.   Looks like on-and-off rain showers for a couple days."

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