Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GA Day 2

Our hosts were so nice this morning, there is a small crew left shutting things down. Hot coffee, and one guy even wanted to lend me a bug suit for the remainder of the trip. We put in just after the steady rains ended about 9:30.

We had a constant drizzle through the morning, but kept a nice comfortable steady pace, with and against tides, finding that sweet spot close to shore when the tides were against us. Lunch at 1:30, the pelicans gave us their oyster mound. And then the winds changed. No more winds from the south. Looks to be a hard 2-3 days coming up with high Winds out of the north.

We also had some big crossings at St Andrew Sound, Jekyll Sound, and the Brunswick River. It was a day of salt marsh until we paddled up Jekyll Island, then could see the Brunswick River Bridge. Lots of birds, I can't identify, but do appreciate the differences, and the symphony as we paddled past.

18.5 miles today, and still having fun.

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Larry said...

What kind of tent are you using here, Dawn?