Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wahoo GA Trip Day 6

A shorter day today at 14 miles, we couldn't leave our camp on Creighton Island till some tide came in to let us launch over the mud and oysters. We are also a bit limited over the next 30 or so miles with possible campsites, had to stop where we are. So our paddle started at 10 and ended at 3, nice to have a shorter day and relax.

We took an alternate route today on the ICW to get to Wahoo Island that was marked for camping. It seems good, well have to see if we are really above high tide, it's hard to tell the regular high from storm high sometimes.

We had a big crossing over the Sapelo River, winds W-SW 10-15 which mostly helped us, and occasionally made for some fun lumpy bumpy water. We've stopped paying any attention to tides, to hard to really figure them out on all these rivers. It's only coming to camp they are helpful, but we can't control that without paddling at night.

A large pod of dolphins played around us for about 30 minutes, so hard to take a picture. The pics on the blog are just the very few I've take on the IPAD, between the 2 of us we should have a great slide show from our cameras.

Today marked our halfway in paddling days and distance, 102 miles, another 6 paddling days left before having to head home. If weather stays nice for us, we'll likely be able to finish the 95 miles left, but we aren't stressing about it, just enjoying the water, blue skies, and sunshine.

Having a really great time.

Pics below are our view from camp


Floatsome said...

Beautiful! Looks much nicer than in Google Earth.

Kristen said...

Nice work! Keep on paddling!

Tana Stewart said...

Congrats on halfway! Like the pic!