Wednesday, March 13, 2013

GA Day 3

The day started out very nice, but a little cold. Slight head winds but we made steady progress towards St Simons following the paddle trail. We haven't figured the tides, they switch in the rivers all the time, but again the lane closest to shore was always paddle-able.

As we reached St Simons we had our first taste of a contrary tide, wow, and we'd have it the rest of the day.

Lunch at Morningstar Marina, left about 3 hoping the tide would weaken. Then finding a campsite started to become difficult. Anything at low tide is quicksand mud, you can't get out of your boat.

We really fought for our miles today, about 20. Finally finding an unacceptable campsite on Christmas Tree island at dark. The whole island is a swamp. We are on 10 sq ft of the only dry spot, hoping not to float away. The boats are tied to a tree and will be fine.

We were told we need a gun for the alligators, and helpful man warned us of all the snakes. Luckily we are sure there are not wild boars on our island, though they seem to have a presence in GA.

A hard day today, we think we're still having fun. Rest day at Darien tomorrow.

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Michael said...

Thanks for the post! Glad to know it's still fun...