Thursday, March 14, 2013

GA day 4

We woke up to freezing cold, couldn't get out of sleeping bags and on the water till 10. the North wind really kicked up in the night, and it was a hard few hours at the start, lumpy bumpy with white capped wind waves.

We decided to make the day shorter and end in Darien, have a shower, dinner, and a good rest. We paddled 11 miles total, lots of contrary tides.

We had our first few alligator spotting, including one big giant, which had us move our shore lined (mud and salt marsh) paddle lane over a few yards to give them more room to jump in when we spooked them.

Lunched at a boat ramp where the wildlife officer warned us about snakes, alligators, wild boar, and a new one, wild cows.

At Darien we got in contact with Danny Grissette who owns Altamaha Coastal Tours, He's studied the charts with us, gave us great advice and suggestions, is letting us clean up and camp at his shop. Thanks so much Danny, after last night, your shop is a welcome haven.

We spent some down time walking around this very historic town (depicted in the movie Glory), and had a wonderful seafood dinner with a nice cold beer.

Still having a great trip.

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Kristen said...

Loving how cold and tired you are, but "still having a great trip"! Only SandyBottom could do that!