Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GA Day 9

Lots of excitement last night when a large thunderstorm came right over our tents, but moved quickly and the skies where clear early morning. Winds were going to pick up at noon so we took advantage of opportunity to leave by 9 when the rain showers cleared for the Ossabaw Sound crossing.

Once across we found ourselves back in civilization. Up until then all our miles had been fairly unpopulated, somewhat barren actually, a desert of salt marsh. Today paddled 18 miles along the big waterfront houses, and on the ICW with its many yachts.

Finding a camp spot for the night in this populated area proved to be as difficult. Luckily a small marina and boat yard, Sail Harbor was kind enough to allow us to camp on their dock. And with restaurants only a mile down the road.

I called my friend SavannahDan who lives on Tybee Island and who has our car to arrange our rendezvous tomorrow. We only have another 13-14 miles of trail left. Funny he was here on Wilmington Island also having dinner, so he drove us back to the marina and we made our meeting plans.

So, one more day on the water and our trip will have been successfully finished.

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