Monday, March 11, 2013

Georgia Day 1

Nancy and I left the boat ramp a little after 10am this morning, after a portage from the tent site. We met an old fisherman who drove us back to the camp to get the 2nd kayak. Though we assured him we knew what we were doing, he was quite concerned we didn't know where Tybee was.

We had tides with us about 1/2 the time (nothing that stopped us). Picnic lunch at Plum Orchard campsite on Cumberland Island. We paddled a little over 18 miles this first day, and camped at the first mud-free, bug-free, dry spot we could find about 4:30, a floating dock on the river that is not connected to shore.

We have a very nice security guard that drives past every hour, is very worried we'll get cold out here, and gave us his phone number " just in case".

We're having a great time.


Michael said...

What fun! Best wishes for warm weather and friendly tides!

Garrick said...

Sounds like a fun adventure - hope you have a great trip!

Tana Stewart said...

You're the coolest!