Friday, July 09, 2010

Greenland Paddle Question

How do you GP paddlers with key hole cockpits in your kayak, stay dry?

I have a Seals and a Seal Line neoprene spray skirt.  Both slowly get saturated from the drips on the skirt from by GP, regardless of which GP I use (Lumpy, Betsy Bay, Superior).

I"ve also surprised myself by falling back in love with my Betsy Bay paddle.   It was the first GP I started using, many many years ago.  More recently I've been using Lumpy GPs, and thought I'd never go back to a paddle without shoulders again.  I'd lent my BB paddle to a friend, who just recently returned it after a couple of years.  Just for fun I thought I'd revisit it.  I really loved the feel. 

Thursday morning, Joe, my regular once weekly - weekday paddling partner, commented that I was faster and appeared much more relaxed (working less hard) with my BB paddle.  Maybe it's a good thing to switch things up a bit sometimes.


Stevie said...

I don't worry about the wet skirt from the drips.
Doesn't hurt anything and the water doesn't make it inside the cockpit.

My skirt gets just as wet with the euro blade, the waves are always splashing and spraying onto it anyway.

SandyBottom said...

I don't mind the skirt getting wet, but I eventually get a puddle in the cockpit, and my shorts/pants get soaked. Not so much a problem in summer, but spring and fall before winter wear.