Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Town

I got an email from my friend Jay with the picture below.  He asked "Did you know there is a Sandy Bottom North Carolina?  Abbey and I were driving to Cliffs of the Neuse yesterday and ran across this sign."
Pretty cool! 
Checking a map, I found it not far from the Neuse River near Kinston NC.  Thanks Jay and Abbey.


Larry said...

...and this ( bend on the French Broad River is called Sandy Bottoms. Great play wave.

James said...

Question - Do you do much paddling in extreme heat of July-Aug when heat index 100-plus? Any special suggestions other than the normal hat, sunscreen, drink lots of water, etc.? What's your routine?

SandyBottom said...

I do paddle through the summer. Once it gets pretty hot (July/Aug) I've gotten kind of used to it. But I try and paddle early morning when I can, else I'll spend a bit of time in the water, not just on the water.