Monday, July 05, 2010

Weekend of the 4th

My kayak club reserved a group camp site on the lake, and my daughter Tana called to say she'd love to come home and kayak and camp for the weekend.  Paul joined us Saturday afternoon and brought us dinner.  There was no no wind for sailing.   Interestingly it wasn't a well attended event.  We couldn't have had more perfect weather.   Night time temps in the 60's allowed for a nice bonfire to relax and visit.

Daytime were temps in the 80's and with no humidity.  We paddled both Saturday and Sunday.  Tana borrowed her Dad's yellow kayak and we paddled and swam and paddled and swam some more.  We had a great time.

We returned Sunday late afternoon and had a nice barbecue of shrimp ka-bobs.  Monday Tana headed back to school and I joined David and Sue for a nice early morning bicycle ride.  Life is good.

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