Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where Is it We're Going?

This weekend I’m off with my kayaking club to Drum Inlet, off Core Sound on the Outer Banks of NC, or at least that's what I thought I was doing.  I haven’t paddled over there since 2008, when Lamar Hudgens started his Barrier Island Kayaks Symposium that year with a day trip paddling to Drum. That day we paddled across the Sound stopped at the ‘Old Drum Inlet’ then paddled a mile down to the ‘New Drum Inlet’, or was it the reverse.   It was all pretty exciting that year, as Brian Smith and Lise-Anne Beyries  was along filming for their then newest documentary "Eastern Horizons; Exploring the Atlantic Coast by Kayak".

But now, I"m wondering where it is we are actually going.  It might not really be Drum Inlet at all, but Ophelia Inlet.

Wikipedia says
“Drum Inlet is an inlet of the Outer Banks in the U.S. state of North Carolina. It connects the Core Sound with the Atlantic Ocean and separates Portsmouth Island from the Core Banks. The core banks consists of, from north to south, North Core Bank or Portsmouth Island, Middle Core Bank, and South Core Bank or Davis Island. Old Drum Inlet separates Portsmouth Island from Middle Core Bank, which in turn is separated from Davis Island by New Drum Inlet. Old Drum Inlet is a natural inlet while New Drum inlet was dynamited into existence by the Army Corps of Engineers. Ophelia inlet, named after the hurricane that created it, severed about a mile off of the northern tip of Davis island. Over the winter of 2008-2009, all of the inlets shoaled and closed up, middle core bank merged with north core bank, leaving only Ophelia inlet."
It doesn't matter.  That day was a great day, some of us surfed, other’s walked on the beach, went swimming, and just enjoyed the day. Photo below is of friends Camille, Craig, and I, taking a break and cooling off.  They both will there this weekend too, where ever it is we are going.

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Michael said...

LOL Hope you get there!