Friday, July 02, 2010

It's All in a Name

Steve’s trips aboard his John Welford’s Pathfinder “Spartina” have all had names. His blog, “The Log of Spartina” offers posting on his trip preparations, and then he follows that up with great photos and trip reports.  These have included trips named “The Crab House 150”, “The Skeeter Beater”, and “the Weekend Walkabout”. I’d wondered if our trip had a name.  I finally noticed it, “Tag Team 200”.  I really like it!  And I've loved the pictures and reports he's posted thus far.

I also love getting surprises in the mail. Today’s mail had some photo CDs from Steve's and Bruce’s cameras.  One really nice benefit of our joint venture is getting some great photos of our boats at sail and even pictures with us on them.  So far I’ve only looked at the Day 1 CD.  I love all the pics , but my current favorite doesn't even show the boat, it's just the tops of our 2 sails with the boat behind salt marsh grash.

Paul and I sat together having so much fun looking at them, after awhile we even started getting silly. As we looked at the series of photos below, Paul started humming the sound track from the movie Jaws :)  I think one of these may be a photo I'll want to have enlarged and framed.

During our trip, a favorite topic of discussion was gear, comparing gear we had, discussing gear we’d like to have. I’d had my eye on a carbon stainless steel paring knife that Steve had with his kitchen kit. I’d even seen an earlier posting on his blog about this knife, but hadn’t found one for myself. This too arrived in the mail today. A gift from “Spartina” to “Dawn Patrol”. Thanks Steve and Bruce.

Our daughter just called to tell us she's coming home for the weekend (from college) and wants to go paddling and camping on the lake with me.  The wind forcast is so bad we won't even bother with the sailboat.  Paul wants to play in his workshop and will join us for dinner.  Life is good.   

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