Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still Trying to Go Somewhere

My last post 'Where is it We're Going?" was in anticipation of a coastal trip planned for last weekend. Well... I didn't go anywhere. A last minute unexpected trip to NY yesterday for work, had me needing to prepare for the trip over the weekend. I was disappointed.

I did get to join KiwiBird and family and some friends for a nice pool/dinner party Saturday night which was lots of fun. And friend David and I joined his biking group on Sunday morning for a nice early 20 miler.

Still wanting/needing to go somewhere, now I'm looking forward to a coastal trip I've organized coming up in a couple weeks. Cedar Island to Beaufort, following the WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge Ultra Marathon (NCCUM) route. The real challenge is scheduled for September 24th. This will be a scouting trip for some, and a fun adventure for others.

August will be miserable, that's why we call this the 'CKC 2nd Annual Vacation to Hell' (last year we did this club trip as a circumnavigation around Cedar Island). Another group of paddlers will be finishing the circle that would comprise the North Carolina Challenge (NCC) 100 mi route, route from Beaufort to Cedar Island. This will allow us all to shuttle cars nicely between the 2 groups. That groups trip is called 'The Other Side of Hell'.

Pic from last years V2H trip, lots of wind

We do it because it's fun, on the water and in our kayaks, even if there are bugs and heat, and maybe wind, and maybe thunderstorms.....  I'm hoping to paddle in this years NCC (rather than race manage) so I need to get training, and finish kayak building :)

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