Saturday, March 08, 2014

Everglades Challenge: Awards Party

SandyBottom received her shark tooth, aligator tooth, and paddle award
from Chief and PaddleDancer (a.k.a Paula Martel)  at the BBQ party on Saturday
Photo by SOS

Just in time for the BBQ party....

PaddleMaker and SavannahDan !
Photo and caption by Paula Martel

Only a little BBQ left but still in time for the party...

PeacePaddler !
Photo and caption by Paula Martel

Macatawa (a.k.a. Ben Algera) noted that 86 boats finished the EC'14 which is more than the number of boats that started the EC'13.

111 boats left the starting line
Image and analysis by Macatawa
Macatawa noted that his tabulation does not include the additional boats that started the 2014 Ultimate Florida Challenge (1200 miles).  He also noted that "Class Hobie" includes Adventure Island and Tandem Island boats,  while Hobie catamarans are lumped into Class 5.

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