Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Everglades Challenge: Monday

1:41am Tuesday
On Monday SandyBottom paddled from Wiggins Pass to CP2 on Monday
The story so far:  
Sat   -- paddle from Ft. DeSoto beach to CP1.        63 nm
Sun  -- paddle from CP1 to Wiggins Pass.             ~ 50 nm
Mon -- paddle from Wiggins Pass to CP2.            ~ 50 nm

Monday night
SandyBottom's route around Marco Island past Goodlands to CoonKey Pass

Monday night
SandyBottom's route along the coast of the 10,000 Islands area

Monday night
The pass from Indian Key through the channel to Chokolosky Bay
Ending at CP2 on Chokolosky Island where SandyBottom camped for the night 

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