Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Everglades Challenge: Wednesday

Just before reaching the Rogers River chickee,  SandyBottom's SPOT stopped transmitting.  Sundance and GoldenSun are trailing a few miles behind SandyBottom who is/was paddling with Santiago (Joe Spooner).

(If Sundance or Santiago phone home,  ask them to confirm SandyBottom's location and try to let her know her SPOT is not transmitting.)

The story so far:
Sat   -- paddled from Ft. DeSoto beach to CP1.        63 nm
Sun  -- paddled from CP1 to Wiggins Pass.             ~ 50 nm
Mon -- paddled from Wiggins Pass to CP2.            ~ 50 nm
Tue  -- paddled from CP2 to Rogers River chickee  ~ 35 nm
Wed --paddling from Rogers River to Oyster Bay chickee,  but without SPOT data

2:20 pm Wednesday
SandyBottom is assumed to be paddling with Santiago ('JS' blue)
ahead of GoldenSun and SunDance (white)
following the trail being blazed by Feral Cat and DeadCat (yellow)
while otheres including  KiwiBird (purple) are using the coastal route.

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