Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Everglades Challenge: Tuesday

Tuesday morning SandyBottom visited the park's ranger station near CP2.  She and other kayakers purchased permits for camping.  She arranged to camp on the Rogers River chickee and the Oyster Bay chickee.  With other kayakers she paddled 35 nm from CP2  the Rogers River chickee.

She phoned home from the ranger station  to say that she was paddling with Santiago (Joe Spooner) and Sundance GoldenSun and perhaps others.    There is little or no cellphone coverage between CP2 and CP3.  
Along the way to Rogers River chickee,  Sundance and GoldenSun dropped off the route to camp at Plate River chickee for which they had a permit.

Because there are gaps in SandyBottom's data,  and because the available data show SandyBottom paddled with Santiago,  their data are combined in the image below.   Santiago arrived at Rogers River chickee at 10:50pm   --and it is reasonable to assume SandyBottom did too.

10:50pm Tuesday night
SandyBottom paddled ~35 nm  from CP2 to a camp site on the Rogers River chickee.

Paddling Tuesday with / near other kayakers

Other kayakers nearby or with SandyBottom(red) included Santiago (blue), Sundance & GoldenSun (white), FeralCat and DeadCat (yellow).   KiwiBird(purple) decided to take the outside coastal route.

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