Friday, March 07, 2014

Everglades Challenge: Relaxin' on the Beach

The number of EC challengers at Key Largo continues to grow today.  Many more to come in yet.   Here is Yakmando's mid-day arrival...

Yakmando happy to hit the beach (finish line) at Key Largo

Relaxing on the (currently windy) beach is the thing to do for those who have arrived.  SandyBottom reported this morning that she is well and rested. SOS is helping her clean and dry her gear.  For lunch they headed next door to Mrs. Mac's Kitchen  --the best restaurant in all of Key Largo is just a short walk from the finish line there at the Bay Cove Motel and Pelican Motel.   And key lime pie.   Wow!

Mrs Mac's Kitchen

Of the stormy crossing yesterday,  Santiago noted that "Santiago felt much better knowing SandyBottom and TideTraveler were at his side. Those two are awesome! Eh, 45 mph winds? No problem."  

No doubt SandyBottom was glad to have TideTraveler and Santiago with her.  The three crossed Florida Bay literally side-by-side on purpose because as SandyBottom explained,  if one boat ever got slightly ahead or behind the other boats then the high winds would have made assisted rescues almost impossible due to separation of the boats.

Santiago (a.k.a., Joe Spooner)
Photo by Paula Martel

Santiago racing away from Ft. DeSoto
Photo courtesy of Santiago
Santiago's QCC with Flat Earth Kayak Sail  (FEKS)
Photo courtesy of Santiago

Santiago's QCC
Photo courtesy of Santiago

Some photos by TideTraveler

TideTraveler (a.k.a. Josh Morgan)
Photo courtesy of TideTraveler

TideTraveler  on the starting line at Ft. DeSoto
Photo courtesy of TideTraveler

Superior Expedition Canoe that TideTraveler paddled
Photo courtesy of TideTraveler
Challengers continue to arrive at the finish line ....

WildBlue at the finish line
Photo by Paula Martel

Welsford SCAMP "Fat Bottomed Girl" completes the Everglades Challenge!
Photo and caption by Shawn Payment

windsurfer at the finish  SeaDogRocket with reefed sail


Sundance and daughter GoldenSun

BermudaBoy is windsurfer #2

The Finish Line on Florida Bay.
Welcome to Key Largo.

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