Thursday, March 06, 2014

Everglades Challenge: Cheese Burger in Paradise

SandyBottom arrived at CP3 in the Everglades' Flamingo Visitor Center at 9:54am and,  it was reported, headed straight for the most delicious cheese burger on the planet.   Probably had been dreaming of a real food along the way through the Wilderness Waterway.

Enjoying a cheeseburger or two or three is popular among challengers reaching CP3.
Photo by Sherry Olsen who notes that the sub sandwiches are even more popular.   

SandyBottom arrived with Santiago and with,  or were joined by,  TideTraveler and JustCuz.  They enjoyed CP3 for less than an hour and then launched at 11:45 to cross Florida Bay together.

CP3 at Flamingo Visitors Center
Why has SandyBottom's SPOT been missing in action?   Was she stealth paddling; i.e., doing a "Sew-Sew"? Or was she out of good batteries?   Nay.  SandyBottom reported that her SPOT device had, as we guessed, malfunctioned.  It displayed a flashing red error code she could not correct.  "I tried everything."

We will continue to follow the SPOT tracking of Santiago as he crosses Florida Bay with SandyBottom and TideTraveler.

SPOT tracking data for Santiago (Joe Spooner, blue)
SandyBottom's SPOT (red) malfunctioned
Also, the SPOT track for GoldenSun and Sundance (white)

Start of the crossing

SandyBottom reported that the group had decided to start the 35 nm crossing immediately based on weather information about wind and storm forecasts for the next 24-36 hours.

The radar at 12:50pm shows that the rain storms
are moving East and will drench the kayakers

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