Sunday, March 02, 2014

Everglades Challenge: Checkpoint 1

SandyBottom reached CP1 at about 9:26 pm.   She phoned home.  Said she was planning to refill her water tanks and then paddle on about 5 nm south to a quiet campsite for sleep. She sounded strong and was pleased with the first day.  Good planning and training seems to be paying off.

Leaving CP1, SB paddled at about 3 kts , perhaps winding down,  whereas her approach to CP1 was at about 4 kts.   SB arrived at CP1 within 20 minutes of about 8 other kayakers.  SandyBottom arrived at her campsite at 11:45pm.  She will need to sleep enough to keep her going tomorrow.

SandyBottom packing the TideRace kayak on Friday

SOS and PopTarp aboard Mosquito are in a race.  They reached CP1 at 3:37 pm ahead of all boats but one.  They arrived about an hour behind SewSew aboard Sizzor  (2:25 pm).    They arrived about an hour ahead of SwampMonkey and ChainSaw (4:51 pm).

Leaving CP1,  SOS and PopTarp prepared for a night of sailing on the Gulf.  I'm guessing (hoping) they heated a meal. They raced through Boca Grande Pass at 15 kts as they entered the Gulf.

It is difficult to know the location of SewSew  because he "forgets" to turn on his SPOT tracking.   SewSew sent an "ok" SPOT message at 6:49pm at a location that was about 25 nautical miles ahead of  Mosquito. SewSew sent another "ok" at 9:49 from a location that was 32 nm ahead of Mosquito.   It appears that SewSew will reach CP2 by 1am.

Not far behind,  SwampMonkey and Chainsaw were 8 nm behind Mosquito at 10:53pm.

Between 11:00pm and 12:30pm  Mosquito was moving at about 10 kts.   I hope SOS and PopTarp are taking turns sleeping.

The ride is fast thanks to the big flappy parts of the Mosquito  
(Lovely photo by Ginger)

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