Monday, March 15, 2010

Back Home - But Not Over Yet

Every year as we drive into the driveway returning home from Florida, I find the daffodils in bloom and other wonderful signs of spring’s arrival.

This year’s EC was a great adventure, and for many reasons. Not only was this years challenge on of my best and most fun, my whole family was at the finish line. Paul of course was there (without his wonderful support I couldn’t do any of this), Alan had flown in from Panama taking a quick break from his around the world sail, and Tana’s sc school was on Spring break. They spent the week vacationing together in Key Largo, and then we all had a few days of fun and family when I finished. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Paul and I are back home now. Alan flew back to Panama this morning from Miami and Tana just left and is driving back to Boone. Paul’s back at work today. I’m taking one more day off, I need a few days for cleaning and organizing gear, a little more recovery, and time to process it all.

There are lots of stories to tell but I need a few days or so before I can get to it.

And of course I’ll be following fellow Tribe members Wizard, CrazyRussian, ManitouCruiser, WhiteCaps, RunningMouth, SnoreBringGator, and Pelican, as they continue paddling and sailing the rest of the way around Florida, as they compete in the Ultimate Florida Challenge.


Dee LUtz said...

Great job Dawn. Glad you had such a good time, and how great that Paul, Alan, and Tana were there to greet you!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear your stories!