Monday, March 08, 2010

EC'10: South from Wiggins Pass

Everglades Challenge news last updated at 11:00 om Monday

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Sunday (3/7)

SandyBottom paddled 67 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday.
Sunday night, SandyBottom was one of several challengers camping at Wiggins Pass last night.

The husband-and-wife team of NatureCalls and NatureCalls were already camped on the beach when Kiwibird, KneadingWater and Seiche arrived at 10:50 pm. SandyBottom, Hammerstroke and Sundance arrived at about 1:00 am. ( Shhhhhhhhhh... Their stealth camp site is pictured below. It's in a state park. Shhhh... we don't want to wake up the ranger. )

And FloatSome? Sunday early evening ~ 5:30 pm, FloatSome had to drop out of the EC due to illness. He reported, "Thanks to KiwiBird, Kneading Water and Seiche for delivering me into the capable hands of Dock Master Linda at a Ft. Meyers Beach Hotel. Shelled but starting to recover." Best wishes to you, FloatSome.

Monday 8:07 am

SB called home at 8:07 am a minute before launching from the beach at Wiggins Pass with a group of other challengers.

Moving south from campsite

SB and all are headed south past the beaches of Naples and the city of Marco to CP2 at Chokoloskee. There, SB is planning to pay the $10 fee to allow her to camp in Everglades National Park. The distance from Wiggins Pass to the ranger station at Chokoloskee is about 56 miles and the ranger station closes early. SB will probably camp Monday night somewhere near Marco prior to reaching CP2 early Tuesday morning.

Currently the sailors and kayakers are spread out over many miles...

Meanwhile down in Florida bay, the Core Sound 20 and the Sea Pearl 21 are in a tight race to the finish line.

Monday 5:30 pm

After a 67-mile Saturday and a 50-mile Sunday, SB and fellow kayakers decided to have a 37-mile Monday and a good meal in Goodlands near the town of Marco. SB called in the report that they are planning to camp at White Horse Key just a few miles from CP2.

On the approach to Marco and Goodlands, SB, KB, et al. transited Gordon's Pass and Big Marco with some favorable tides and winds.

Short of Goodlands, Kneading Water decided to stop for a nap due to some back/shoulder problems.

Dinner at Goodlands

SPOT 'em in Goodlands at 5:30 pm


Big Marco, to Goodlands, to White Horse Key. CP1 to the right.

Go Dawn go!

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SnoresLikeBuffalo said...

Glad to hear Dawn had an uneventful day/night. May she have sunny skies and a NW wind, today, to speed her on her way.

Meanwhile, how is the Canal transit going? Haven't seen an update for a few days!