Friday, March 12, 2010

EC'10: Two Chickees and a Flamingo

Everglades Challenge news last updated 10:00 am Friday

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Thursday evening (3/11)
SB and several other kayakers reached CP3 at Flamingo Thursday evening at about 5:30 pm. All of them decided to wait for morning to start the 37 mile crossing of Florida Bay to the finish line.


The route from CP2 at Chokoloskee was a long and winding road that included two nights of camping scheduled for the Lostmans Five chickee and the Shark River chickee.

Map View of Wilderness Waterway route

WaterTribe "Challenge Mapper" view of Wilderness Waterway route

The Joe River path taken around the south side of Whitewater Bay

SB, KB, KW, Seiche together

Challengers: current locations

Meanwhile, challengers were spread across the landscape from start to finish.
Three of the challengers in the 1200 mile UFC were headed up the east cost of Florida, with Wizard in the lead ahead of ManitouCruiser and WhiteCaps. CrazyRussian was about a day behind them having arrived in Key Largo on Thursday.

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