Friday, March 12, 2010

EC'10: Crossing Florida Bay ...and Finished!

Everglades Challenge news last updated 5:00 pm Friday

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Friday (3/12)

At about 7:00 am SB and a group of paddling comrades launched into Florida Bay from CP3 at Flamingo for the 37 mile crossing to the finish line. By 9:12 am SB was passing by Buoy Key. SB reached the finish line at 4:15 pm with KB. KW and Seiche finished at 4:05 pm. Sundance and HammerStroke finished at about 8:45 pm.


8:00 am location

Overview of Florida Bay crossing

The long and winding road to Key Largo: Chart View

The long and winding road to Key Largo: Road Map View

Go Dawn go!


SnoresLikeBuffalo said...

Congratulations (I see your SPOT at the finish line)!!! Absolutely awesome! Looking forward to seeing your "trip report".

Floatsome said...

All about you! Let the Stewarts rejoice.

PS Thank you!