Saturday, March 13, 2010

EC'10: Life at the Finish Line

Waiting ....

After the speedy sailors of catamarans, trimarans, and monohulls have come to the finish line in Key Largo, the paddlers start to arrive in their doubles and singles, alone or in groups of two or more.

Meanwhile, on shore, friends and family await. It's a rough job, but someone has to do it. They must keep the food and cool beers ready and save some for the kayakers. SPOT data must be collected and inspected frequently.

KW, SB, KB, Seiche

Proper technique for waiting for the challengers to arrive
and simultaneously making vitamin D

Shade and cool breezes are essential to
careful analysis of the SPOT data while keeping watch
(DWSB and SOS)

Demonstration of another excellent waiting technique

Brief naps are allowed and inevitable in the cool breezes under the palm trees

Visiting with friends and recent finishers is recommended
(SOS and Pelican)

Look, here they come !

Finally, the data indicate eminent arrival. When will they round the bend and come into view?
There! We see them! Far in the distance. Is that dot of a kayaker mostly red? or blue?

KB and SB Arriving

Three Cheers for SandyBottom !

Well Done

KB and SB on the Finish Line

A happy time

Congratulations, KB !

Congratulations, SB !

Happy, slightly tired, and in need of soap

Say Cheese ! And stay downwind.

KW and Seiche

Good times with WaterTribe friends:
"Remember how crowded that chickee was?"

"Oh yes."
(Shark River chickee with 3 tents, a hammock, and 4 boats)

The OC-6 team arrives

hut........ hut........ hut........
(we want pizza!)

And the UFC challengers arrive, enjoy a brief rest,
but must keep moving on with miles to go before they sleep

That's life at the finish line. (Que es la vida en los tropicos.) Love, peace, sandy feet.


Stuart Nottingham said...

Congratulations, SandyBottom, KiwiBird, and all who completed EC2010.

Sundog said...

Well done SandyBottom and company.

Thank you so much Paul for sharing the saga with us. We enjoyed your commentary.

SnoresLikeBuffalo said...

What a wonderful finish line story!

Hey, I thought SOS is in Panama! Is thay why his posts on EOTW are so spread out, having to multi-task? ;-) or are those pics from last year? No matter, GREAT story!

And of course, congratulations to everyone!

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

yahoo!! congrats!!

Floatsome said...


Michael said...

Looks like you've had another fun Challenge! Well done!!

Anonymous said...

Watched your blog all week. Congrats!