Monday, March 08, 2010

EC'10: CP2 and into Everglades National Park

Everglades Challenge news last updated at 11:30 pm Tuesday

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Tuesday (3/9) 11:15 am

SandyBottom began the day in the 10,000 islands region headed for CP2. She landed at Everglades City at about 11:15 am, likely headed to the Everglades National Park Headquarters to purchase a camping permit. CP2 is not there but rather is on the tiny island of Chokoloskee close at hand.

Tuesday 11:15 am

Tuesday 5:37 pm

The cellphone signal was marginal, but we understood the report from SB at 5:37 pm. She has purchased her permit for camping and reserved chickees: the Lostmans Five Chickee for Tuesday night, the Shark River Chickee for Wednesday night. She expects to reach CP3 at Flamingo, FL, on Thursday. "The weather is going bad," was the report from SB. She was planning to paddle her own speed through the Wilderness Waterway to reach Flamingo. She has previously expressed the desire to include transit through the Nightmare section of the Wilderness Waterway this year. Perhaps she will. The SPOT data show that she made excellent progress today by reaching Lostmans Five Bay by 8:45 pm.

Lostmans Five Bay at 8:45 pm Tuesday

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