Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Love

Happy 54th husband.

I'm often asked "Does Paul kayak too?" Of course! Paul paddles, rolls and surfs his yellow Schnook, with the Greenland paddle he made himself. When I first met Paul 26 yrs ago, he was a white water paddler. In those days you rented a WW kayak in Durham for a day on the upper and lower Haw River, this before Jordan Lake dam. He started me kayaking, and was with me down my first rapid. He's not so interested in endurance/distance paddling, his preference is a relaxing 6 miler, looking for eagles and taking pictures. And he enjoys the many family weekend paddling/camping trips at the coast and on the lake we do and have done with our two kids over the years.

Another question, "What does he think about you going off on all these paddling trips and challenges?" Paul may not be paddling with me on these trips, but he is very much a participating partner in everyone of them. Incredibly supportive and encouraging, he is my biggest fan. Generous and selfless, he is my planning partner and land crew, even when crewing from home. Without his help, support, and encouragement, I could not and would not have ever been able to have the experiences and adventures I've been lucky enough to have.

It's actually incorrect that I register for events as a solo participant. Every one of my events/trips has been done as a 'mixed double' with Paul as my teammate throughout.

In the WaterTribe, one selects a tribal name, mine is SandyBottom. After my first Everglades Challenge, I got home and discovered Paul had selected his name, "DancesWithSandyBottom". It's perfect!

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Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Happy B-Day to Pauly!!! I look forward to your whitty commentary, insites and humor as DancesWithSandyBottom

da biscuit aka the capt'n "O" Dark 30

PS How are those seats coming along???