Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday at the Lake

I've been fighting off potential illness with lots of emergen-C and zinc tablets, and regular hand washing. The last couple of weeks has seen the flu hit NC in a bad way, and then there is this horrible GI bug going around.

Today was my simulation training for the Everglades Wilderness Waterway route. It was a very beautiful and sunny day. I packed the boat including the sail rig. I'll not be able to use the sail in all the small creeks and bays. I think I've got the weight distribution right, and packed without too much inconvenient if I have to sleep in the boat.

There wan't much wind to speak of today, a paddlng day, I managed a 20 mile paddle by days end. I saw KiwiBird out there and we took pictures of each other (taking pictures of each other).

Later in the day, Team RAF came out to the lake for a couple hours. This is the week before thier Spring Break and they are swamped with exams. Chris has one scheduled on Friday. His professor said he was't much inclined to let him, or another student whose wife is having a baby, take the exam early. Not sure what he plans to do.

I got to check out thier new seats, and pretend for a short while on land. Then I followed them around as they paddled about, enough winds to give them a 2mph push but that was about all

The boys are hoping to get out tomorrow morning for a few hours of sailing before hitting the books. We'll have quite a bit of wind, but rain and possible thunderstorms as well.


Michael said...

Great pics of Team RAF! And to think they built the boats themselves. Great effort!

My itinerary is very loose, but yours seems a bit tight, especially after the race. Perhaps we can look at something in your area as I make my way home later in March. I'll keep in touch.

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Looking good!! Keep that cold and flu in check!!

The Capt'n